Made in Italy - Led design, led lighting

led lights strip, led light strips, strip led, led light bar

led lights strip, led light strips, strip led, led light bar


We are Italians and proud to be! Being Italians means to have strong ideas, fantasy in solutions, fashion and love for whatever means beauty.

Here in Italy, we create every application idea, here in Italy we project and manufacture our electronics, here in Italy we develop our silicone formulations, here in Italy we have all our manufacturing operations.


In their innovation, all our products and solutions bring the mark of “Made in Italy”.

But being Italians also means to be ready and open to catch every single opportunity that the breathtaking pace of technological changes offers us and our customers. And for this reason, we sometimes source our parts in the global markets. Of course, the attention we pay in the suppliers selection brings to outstanding results.

As you can expect from the “Made in Italy”.


Unleash your fantasy!
Our technology, our patents and our competence will bring you beyond every boundaries.

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We love doing our best, selecting the most appropriate materials and turning them in outstanding products. We like to offer those products and their breathtaking performances, to the most demanding designers.