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Unleash your fantasy!

Our technology, our patents and our competence will bring you beyond every boundaries.

We want that designers, project managers, developers, whoever wishes to use a LED strip as a light source, think about it as a material to form and shape according to their desire.
Colors, shapes, special properties, coupling with several other materials, LED specifications: with our CUSTOM product line you can put all together as you have always wished.

  • Think about the profile in which you want to encapsulate your light source: extruded and gaskets with complex shapes, elements for easy mounting, sealing, or any other purposes can be designed
  • Choose if you want the classic dotted effect of LED lights to be visible, or if you’d rather use our “DOTLESS ®” patented* technology: in this case, light will be uniform and great-looking!
  • Whether you are seeking a simple decorative effect, whether your aim is a true lighting system, our “HEATLESS ®” thermal dissipation technology will allow you to use the best LED for your application. And we will choose the best PCB strip according to project needs and characteristics.
  • Play with colors: using colored or RGB LEDs you can fill your projects with light with the possibility to have a colored rubber profile around it that will further expand the power of your imagination
  • Never be frightened, even if your project has to work in the most severe and challenging conditions: resistance to extreme temperatures, UV, weathering agents and the high grade of IP protection will easily bring you out of any trouble.

Submit us your ideas: we’re ready to turn them into the very special element that will make your work really unique!

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Made in Italy

We are Italians and proud to be! Being Italians means to have strong ideas, fantasy in solutions, fashion and love for whatever means beauty.


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We love doing our best, selecting the most appropriate materials and turning them in outstanding products. We like to offer those products and their breathtaking performances, to the most demanding designers.